Sunday, June 13, 2010

Prêt pour la voyage?

Can one be truly entirely ready to embark on a nomadic existence, even a French one, leaving address, work, and country for an experience in France that, while at two months draws sighs from fellow countrymen, will undoubtedly be too impossibly short for much more than an extended tourist vacation?

After bumming around for a week or more between relatives homes and between two cities, I've decided it will be a relief to spend a few days becoming ensconced in a small one-bedroom appartement in Paris where I am to make a home base for the next two months.

Still, it’s hard to say au revoir to Seattle friends in almost the same breath as je dis bonjour.

Hopefully, when I return, it will be with additional speaking facility and confidence, and a renewed vigor for the study. “Returning”to Seattle will be in itself a joy, with a vast array of possibilities available for further study of la langue française, and so many wonderful people and places to discover and love and get to know better.

That said, saying goodbye to Spokane, my home for most of my life, was pas facile, especially with the delightful francophone community there, cheering me on and helping me to make real mes rêves, and helping me to discover joy in that city, too. How could I have missed its discrete charm for so long?

I’ve determined to impart a true travelogue for the group when I return for a brief visit in August, with details and conseil for their own future voyages.

Mostly, I'll miss my daughter, an adult now, with new wings to fly, but la petite de mon coeur.

Donc, Tuesday nous nous envolerons, moi et mon petit, to finally arrive at our pied a terre in notre belle France.

Only then does the voyage really begin.

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