Sunday, June 20, 2010

En France, la Fête de la Musique

After several days exploring; conquering finally my son's jet lag--le décalage de horaire--after several VERY early mornings; and finding the necessities--boisson riz et beurre de cacahoutes (rice milk and peanut butter) chez Franprix, and a few new favorite parcs--we are settled comfortably in the 12ème in Paris.

I was delighted to be a special guest at an English course at the local community center, where the instuctor, a delightful femme francaise, spoke with great animation and a heavy British accent. At the end of the class, my friend Danielle produced a wonderful apero (aperitive) and snacks and I offered to join the students for coffee en anglais parfois to help them supplement their class. Je suis contente :-)

Meanwhile, my son occupied himself by drawing our apartment building and the rope pyramid at the playground just below the building.

Tomorrow, the first day of summer (which we fully expect to banish the spring rain from Paris), we look forward to celebraitng the Fête de la Musique. In the 12ème alone, there are at least 24 listed performances, and there will be many more people just playing music where they will.

I've been too busy enjoying myself to worry much about learning the language, but my dear friend here speaks to me only in French, so I'm delighted toujours to be in a joyful class with her, while discovering Paris. In return, she says it helps her to listen to me speak with mon petit en anglais.

A très bientôt!

Fête de la musique sur Nomao

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