Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Web sites que j'aime, part deux

A couple of Frenchable sites I've been enjoying lately:

Le premier: Enchanted Learning has great French language-themed printable worksheets and coloring books for kids. Mon petit lapin, loves to color, and it's a springboard for me to teach him a bit of vocabulary.

Et puis: A new Quebecois friend in Seattle pointed me toward a French-language site—Archambault—where one can buy music, books,  DVDs, and games en français. I haven't bought anything yet to test the ease of getting product shipped here, but it looks promising. Merci, William!

Anyone with favorite sites to share, let me know!

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  1. I sometimes have luck with the marketplace - A $30 import CD often ends up being $20 or less, which I feel is reasonable considering that pre-iTunes, that's what you would have paid for an American CD at a music store. I've never bought an actual french DVD though, because of the region issue. I did buy a French book from Amazon Canada once, at a time when the exchange rate was excellent (not recently, obviously). It shipped EXTREMELY quickly.