Sunday, December 27, 2009

La très petite fête multiculturel

If you throw une petite fête en français and personne vient

Then do you continue talking to yourself in French for the evening?

I’ll remember for next time that people are too wiped out from the Christmas festivities to attend even a casual party in the aftermath. I realized this even on Christmas night, as I rolled myself and my children home from my best friend’s house at 10:30 Friday night.

Perhaps I exaggerate un peu, though. A good friend of mine took pity on my movie showing for one and came over, but while he speaks a little Russian and some good but rusty Spanish, il ne parle pas français, sauve pour les mots qu'il trouve sur le traducteur par l’internet.

He also doesn’t eat cheese (sacrilege!), so I still have a fridge full of brie with a cranberry and almond sauce.

I took his picture as he left after watching Joyeux Noël with me, but he made me promise not to post it. But I swear, I did have one guest! Il faut que vous me créiez!

Ah well, si personne n’est venu, si plus de fromage pour moi, je suppose.

La prochaine fois, adventures in finding a French streaming radio station d’ecouter

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